At A Space Called Home LTD, we can offer some amazing returns on your investments.

Investing is as easy as 1 to 5

Step one

Decide that you would like to become an investor

Step 2

Choose the deal that’s right for you

Choose the amount you would like to invest
Choose the term you would like your investment to run
Decide if you would like to auto invest your interest (compound)

Step 3

We use a RICS approved survey of the asset to determine the value.

Step 4

Solicitors department will process all the relevant information

Step 5

Money is deposited into solicitor’s account, who then releases this when the contract has been signed and the charge documentation executed.

Depending on the length of term on the investment, the figure invested and the individual project, we can offer our investors between 10% and 15% annual return on investment.

At A Space Called Home LTD, we are so confident in our ability to provide these returns that we back all of our investments with our own personal and professional guarantee and private & business equity.

100% proven track record

Invest from £25,000

Fully secured registered charge against the asset

Fixed interest rates

No hidden fees

If you would like any more information on investing with A Space Called Home LTD please get in touch.

Investment Calculator

Investor Testimonial

We first met Anthony and Lara in the Spring of 2016 when we were selling a commercial property which had been in our family for some time. When we heard their plan to substantially redevelop our Victorian property in Widnes, we were delighted because their proposal was imaginative, clearly profitable and would make such a positive contribution to the whole community.

We were then invited to view a large, nearly completed development nearby and we were impressed with the high quality of their work, the attention to detail and their desire to create attractive accommodation, even with a little “wow factor” for their chosen market of ordinary people.

We liked their work and their values and so we expressed an interest in becoming investors – (our original intention was to invest an inheritance in the general stock market, not in a single private company). Numerous discussions about their goals, business plan and especially financial details followed. A few months ago, we became secured lenders in their business endeavour, primarily for the initial phase of property purchase and development.

Our first impressions of Anthony and Lara and what they do, have been confirmed again and again.
Our experience with them has been one of integrity and open and frank communication.

What we see are two young entrepreneurs who are clearly focused on and knowledgeable about their financial viability, the bedrock of every successful business.
They love what they do, have admirable skills in their field of building restoration and are keen on learning, improving, adapting to realize their business goals.

We see their dedication and hard work. We like that they are mindful of others’ interests, they seek good relationships, like “a happy ship”. We liked the way they solved problems that arose with us: immediately, with care, working together.

In our view, Anthony and Lara have exceptional potential and we are excited about their future projects.

John and Johanna Duncalf, Investors with A Space Called Home since 2017